Watch All 136 Of Mirza Teletovic’s Three-Pointers

Watch All 136 Of Mirza Teletovic’s Three-Pointers

Mirza Teletovic is being used by other European NBA players as an example of second-year success. Luigi Datome of the Detroit Pistons told Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press that “recently I saw Mirza Teletovic of the Brooklyn Nets, first year was kind of brutal, but last season was like a good player for the team.

Teletovic had a much longer leash under Jason Kidd than with P.J. Carlesimo or Avery Johnson, playing more minutes in the regular season and becoming a rotation player in the playoffs after playing just one minute in their seven-game series against the Chicago Bulls last season. His numbers and efficiency improved, upticking his three-point percentage from 34.3 percent in his rookie year to 39 percent in his sophomore season. He played a fearless style of basketball, both willing to shoot at any and all moments and willing to laugh in the face of MVP’s.

Though Teletovic wouldn’t call out his former coaches directly, he admitted that “Jason’s approach towards (him) is different then… what (he) had before” in an interview with The Brooklyn Game in December.

I guess the point I’m trying to make here is: Mirza Teletovic’s shot is buttery and his trigger is the quickest. Go watch what is now undoubtedly his favorite video on the internet. If you can’t make it through nine whole minutes (because let’s face it, that laundry won’t do itself), at least get to the Dallas game in February.

My only critique is that it should’ve been set to Titanium by David Guetta.

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