Video Breakdown: Game 36

After the blowout by the Celtics (which Mark does a great job examining), people are going to forget that the Nets actually had a chance at a win this past week.  Yes, I am talking about the Nets game vs. the Hornets.  The Hornets ran a simple pick and roll, but it was good execution more than bad defense that lead to the basket.

After getting the ball inbounds (which they failed at doing their last possession), the Hornets quickly go into a pick and roll. David West comes up and sets the screen, and Chris Paul uses it.

Late in games, teams usually switch every screen, and the Nets are no different.  Because the Hornets probably like to switch screens, they are anticipating the Nets doing the same.  The screen isn’t designed to get Chris Paul to the basket or to get David West open on the roll.  The screen is set to get Jarvis Hayes defending Chris Paul.

After the Hornets get what they want, Paul then attacks. He quickly gets Jarvis Hayes on his hip, and he has a lane to the basket. You would like it if Devin Harris was closer to the middle of the lane, but that is the beauty of how the Hornets set this up. They put Peja (a knockdown shooter that you need to stay with) on the side Chris Paul was going to drive to. This means that Devin can’t help.

Paul finishes the lay-up, and gets fouled, clinching the win for the Hornets.  The Nets set a “moving pick” on their final possession and the rest is history.