Brook, Deron laugh off latest Dwight talk, prefer All-Star discussion

Brook Lopez, Deron Williams

Five minutes before his scheduled media availability at Monday’s Nets practice, Billy King walked up to Brook Lopez and let him know of a report in the New York Daily News speculating that the Dwightmare may rise again, that the Brooklyn Nets may once again try to trade for Dwight Howard.

Sure enough, the first question for Lopez was on that subject — and all Lopez could do was look away, smirk, and laugh.

“It is what it is,” Lopez shrugged. “I’ve dealt with it before. Even when this was a non-issue for the months the season has gone on, I didn’t read any of the media stuff that anyone put out. … I ignore that stuff. I had no inkling of this until Billy told me.”

Though he does consider it an honor, Lopez was similarly unconcerned his potential to join his first All-Star team this season. “I can’t lie and say i wouldn’t like to make the team,” Lopez affirmed. “I’d definitely enjoy that, but my goal is to help the team be the best team it can be.”

Lopez is currently averaging 18.9 points and 7.4 rebounds per game on 52.3% shooting, and ranks fifth in the league in Player Efficiency Rating, behind just LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Paul. But don’t ask him about his statistics — he couldn’t care less.

“I don’t know what my stats are, I don’t know what (Dwight’s) stats are, I don’t know anyone’s,” Lopez grinned. “I couldn’t tell you anyone’s stats, I promise you.

(What about Robin?) “Definitely not Robin’s. … The wins matter the most.”

Deron Williams also dismissed the latest report with a simple “Are you serious?” and laugh, but was more authoritative about Lopez’s candidacy.

“To me he’s definitely an All-Star,” Williams boasted about his teammate. “He’s playing like one on both ends of the floor. He’s a big reason why we’re playing well right now. He’s a constant threat for a double-double, and you throw in those blocks he’s getting… he’s playing so good for us right now.

He’s confident,” Williams continued. “He’s not looking over his shoulder every five minutes thinking he’s going to get traded, as far as his focus and him being mentally ready to play. he’s being so aggressive on both ends, that’s something you love to see.”

As for the Dwightmare, Williams was clear: “Hopefully it doesn’t become an issue.”