Tuesday Morning Shootaround: Jason Terry and C.J. Watson are very, very different in one big way

Tuesday Morning Shootaround: Jason Terry and C.J. Watson are very, very different in one big way

Good morning, Nets fans and friends alike. Here’s the latest on all things Brooklyn Nets from around the internets.

  • SB Nation put together a list projecting the top 100 players in 2017, and two Nets are on the list: Brook Lopez at #17, and Deron Williams at #32. Fair? I’d say so. You?

  • Current Brooklyn Nets backup guard Jason Terry, seen in the above video at the Floyd Mayweather Boxing Club, is one of Mayweather’s biggest fans. This makes him quite different from former Nets backup guard C.J. Watson, who Floyd Mayweather once threatened with murder. Good times!

  • From the video, Terry espouses on his situation in Brooklyn, donning a huge smile:

    I’m very excited. This right here is just motivation for me, and that’s why I came. Every time… there comes a time in every professional athlete’s career where he’s looking for an edge. He’s looking for something to carry him into the next season. My goal is to win a championship. I have another opportunity in Brooklyn, and my motivation just came right here from the champ (Mayweather). …

    We got champions. You talk about Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, these guys are Hall of Famers. Jason Kidd, he’s a champion. He’s a future Hall of Famer. Deron Williams, he’s going to be an MP candidate. Joe Johnson, I mean, the names go on and on. Brook Lopez. You know, we have tons of talent. But that’s not going to win it alone. We’re going to have to put in the work, and then at the end, we’re going to have to stay healthy, and then you know who the champs are. The road to the championship goes through Miami, and we know that. There’s only two people on the Brooklyn Nets right now that have cracked that code. That’s myself and Jason Kidd.

  • When I played for a Saturday morning town basketball league in sixth grade in my hometown of Montclair, N.J., one of my teammates committed a costly turnover. My dad, who was at the game with my mother, whispered to her “ouch, that was a bad play.” My mother then turned to the court and screamed at the top of her lungs, “YOU STUPID KID!” On a related note, auditions for the Brooklyn Nets Kids Dance Team went down last week, and parents were not allowed to watch.

  • Zach Lowe ranks NBA team names from worst to first. I got one sentence into the article. Guess who’s worst.

  • Paul Pierce thinks Rajon Rondo can be “the man” in Boston. This comes on the heels of Pierce wanting to leave Boston because he didn’t want to be in a rebuilding situation. Hmmmmmm.

  • Courtesy of Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov, the U-20 Russian National basketball team will play an AAU squad based in Springfield tonight at 7 P.M. at the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Admission is free, if you live in the area.

  • Speaking of Springfield, the Nets D-League Affiliate Springfield Armor are in the market for a new coach, as Bob MacKinnon Jr. has taken a job as the head coach of the Los Angeles D-Fenders.