If Celtics blow it up, could Nets get involved?

Kevin Garnett, Reggie Evans

Kevin Garnett, Reggie EvansThe Boston Celtics lost their star point guard Rajon Rondo for the season, announcing Sunday that Rondo had suffered a torn ACL against the Atlanta Hawks Friday night. (Rondo would play on the torn ligament in a double-overtime loss.)

With the aging 21-23 Celtics clinging to the eighth playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, we’ve come to that inevitable point in the year when this question comes up: should the Celtics blow it up and start over? Ken Berger at CBS, suggesting this is the end of an era in Boston, believes Brooklyn could be a suitor for Celtics forward/center Kevin Garnett:

Would some big-spending contender — the Nets, perhaps — be willing to go all-in with a two-year rental of Kevin Garnett, whose ferocity and defensive leadership would cost $12.4 million next season plus the $6 million he’ll be guaranteed in 2014-15 at age 38?

It should be made clear that this isn’t a rumor or something sourced from either organization — merely a speculative question. But it’s one worth asking; with the Nets needing frontcourt help, and the Celtics looking at their own mortality once again, would either team pull the trigger?

Though a Garnett-for-Humphries deal works under the CBA, the Celtics wouldn’t part with their All-Star starting center (is there a way to convey sneering in text?) without shedding some additional salary. The Celtics would be glad to get rid of Jeff Green’s four-year, $36 million contract, and likely wouldn’t mind shedding Brandon Bass (3 years, $19.4 million), Jason Terry (3 years, $15.7 million), or ex-Nets guard Courtney Lee (4 years, $21.4 million). Hard to say how the Nets would balance off any of those salaries.

Another blockade: Kevin Garnett’s no-trade clause, one of the few in the league, and one that he’d likely exercise to avoid being traded within the division.

‘Tis the season!

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