TrueHoop writers: Deron Williams will stay with the Nets

Generally, the media has been sour on the Nets retaining Deron Williams after next year. However, in the last 5-on-5 TrueHoop segment on, all five writers voted pro-New Jersey on D-Will’s best options.

The general consensus was that the Nets are no longer an unattractive option. In the summer of 2010, the Nets were still a New Jersey-based team coming off a 12-70 season. They were second-class citizens in the tri-state area. However, ownership has changed, cap space has changed, and once the Nets move to Brooklyn they will be in a larger market. Not many other teams can match that.

Of course, a lot of this depends on whether or not the Nets spend this money wisely. Obviously, the Nets can’t risk another Travis Outlaw (Thaddeus Young) and have to make sure that every player on the roster is a productive one.