Thomas Robinson wants to join the Nets

Each has an ideal team in mind, when considering the draft.

Taylor simply said, “The Lakers, let’s go Lakers.”

(Thomas) Robinson, when asked the same question, laughed and smiled, and then said “New Jersey. I want to go to Jersey.”

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Joke’s on you, Thomas: by the time you make it to the NBA, there won’t be a team in New Jersey!

It’s not often you hear a player exclaim that he wants to join forces with the Nets, so I’m currently some weird mix between pleased and perplexed. Unfortunately for TR, his chances are minimal; Robinson is third on the Nets’ wish list, behind Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, and would only keep their pick if it lands in the top three. The Nets currently own the seventh-worst record in the league, meaning that if the season ended today the Nets have just a 5.8% chance at the third overall pick.

Still, weirder things have happened.