Rondae Hollis-Jefferson runs hometown basketball camp


Rondae Hollis-Jefferson is a gleeful hometown kid. He grew up in Chester, Pennsylvania, and brought a bus full of kids from his hometown to Barclays Center for the NBA Draft this past year. When asked about Sean Miller, his coach at Arizona, he stressed that Miller was a great coach because “Coach Sean Miller is from Penn-syl-vania, man.”

So it should be no surprise what Hollis-Jefferson was up to last week: helping run the Hollis-Jefferson Basketball Camp in Chester, Pennsylvania. According to the Philadelphia Tribune, Hollis-Jefferson and his brother Rahlir run the one-week camp, which attracted about 125 kids.

The camp, which was in its third year, also reportedly attracted Anthony Davis — the football one, not the Unibrow.

The Nets don’t kick off training camp until the end of September, so Hollis-Jefferson has a lot of time on his hands to run camps and practice his dance moves.

Philadelphia Tribune — Hollis-Jefferson camp gives Chester youth positivity through basketball