The Most Baller Move Ever!


For the past few days, I’ve been using that word to the point where I’m severely annoying everyone. Well, more than usual. In fact, I’m fairly certain my NAS colleagues, or as I like to call them – John, Paul, and George (I don’t mind being the ugly one that still tours, didn’t lose his money to a pegleg, and doesn’t look like Angela Lansbury) – have read many emails that contained the word, “baller” when it comes to that unavoidable image across from Madison Square Garden along Eighth Avenue.

It’s an image that’s panties in a bunch inducing (not the sexy type)…. gets one all hot and bothered… puts a burr under one’s saddle… and has someone ask, “Would you like some cheese with that whine?” All of this happens if you just got your face rocked by…

… the most BALLER move ever!

Of course I’m talking about the New York Knicks… and the visage of New Jersey Nets owners, Mikhail Prokhorov and Jay-Z with the words “The Blueprint for Greatness” above them that is literally a tremendous Magic Johnson bounce pass away from the Garden.

It’s straight-up BALLER!!!

I’ll be the first to admit that the actual look of the painting isn’t great. In fact, it’s kind of ugly. But, I’ll just assume that the Nets wanted that Das EFX straight out of the sewer, Onyx-like grimy look to let everyone know the Nets are coming up from the suckitude of last season. Just dirty-dirty on the come-up.

It’s so BALLER!!!

In any case, the “Jay-Z look” of Jay-Z (calm, cool, laid back in the cut until it’s necessary to move on it, whatever “it” happens to be at the time) and Prokhorov’s seeming snicker hanging above the MSG offices of the Knicks shows the cojones and faith that the Nets will be a major team once again. It’s letting the Knicks know that there’s a turf war coming and just like the non-NBA Warriors, the Nets are coming out to “play-ay”.

Real talk, that’s BALLER!!!

Living in the NYC Area, I know a lot of Knicks fans and they either think it’s an obnoxious move by the Nets OR they think it’s kind of funny. Well, kudos to the ones that have a sense of humor about it. And to the former types, you have now associated yourself with an ineffective owner as James Dolan not only called the NBA offices about the ad, but Jay-Z himself! Of course the league said that there was nothing wrong with it and I can imagine Jay-Z telling his assistant receiving his phone calls, “On to the next one.”


In all seriousness, the ad is just a symbol of the Nets’ intention to basically take over New York and convert Knicks fans to Nets fans.  It’s not going to happen with one billboard, but it did get a lot of people’s attention.  The takeover truly happens when the Nets make some noise on the hardwood and convert/create fans with each W.

Baller, indeed.