Joe Johnson talks gaming after Nets model for 2K Sports

A day after defeating (read: surviving) the Phoenix Suns, 102-100, the Brooklyn Nets stayed in Phoenix on Monday to model for “player rendering” of 2K Sports next basketball game. The latest edition, NBA 2K13, was “Executive Produced by Jay-Z,” because of course it was.

Joe Johnson did an interview afterwards to talk about the photo shoot and his gaming experience. The Nets starting shooting guard and video game  aficionado said 2K13 was “all he played,” adding that his virtual Nets were “working on a three-peat,” as they had already completed two seasons in the game and won the championship both times. (Suck on that, digital LeBron.)

Johnson has been a gamer from an early age, stating that his first  basketball video game was “Double Dribble,” an original Nintendo Entertainment System game released in 1986. JJ had some advice for anyone (read: Hipsters) that still plays the NES game. “I think anybody knows who plays Double Dribble, you shoot from the corner, off glass, it’s going in every time.”

While a fan on the early games, Iso-Joe has been impressed with the progress in gaming since the days of 8-bit graphics. “Technology has gotten crazy since Double Dribble, obviously. It’s a lot more freelance, hands on, you got a lot more control; and the graphics are crazy now.  It’s definitely a big jump from when I first started playing.”

Asked if he could play Joe Johnson’s game on the virtual court as he does in  the real world, Johnson said, “I had to make a couple tweaks and adjustments, but I can get it to where I’m OK with it.”

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