The Brooklyn Nets and Jay-Z get new commemorative shoes!



I remember the good ol’ days of the S. Carter line from Reebok, back when Jay-Z was just a legend who retired at the top of his game, before his comeback story, before his post-definitive music (which has thus fallen short), before marriage to an icon, before a baby…well, before the former New Jersey Nets.

Since 2003, the Nets have basically spent the last nine years waiting for change, and have received said change, made official on Monday. Jay-Z has spent the last nine years (disappointingly) in Michael Jordan’s Washington Wizards territory as an artist (while he’s dominating the business world simultaneously, as should be noted), but I digress…the Nets and Young Hov have a new shoe!

Per Hypebeast:

West Coast footwear brand Gourmet has unveiled a special sneaker for none other than Jay-Z himself, honoring the Nets’ historic move to Brooklyn. Dressed up in a sleek black colorway with the new Nets logo on the tongue, an all-too-familiar patterned fabric appears on the heel along with Jay-Z’s name. Key detailing comes in the form of tonal laces and expert stitching that gives way to a small “Gourmet” label just above the white soles. While there is no word on a release date, many speculate that the 22 L “Brooklyn Nets” is a one-off edition.

As a footwear expert and aficionado, my opinion of the Gourmet for Jay-Z 22 L “Brooklyn Nets” model is a positive one. Obviously, the new Nets logo sets the tone for how well the shoe can be engineered with its color scheme, and nothing says top-notch like black premium leathers and a stark white sole. As of standard footwear fashion trends, the shoe can be easily dressed up or dressed down casually, which speaks the kind of style that Shawn Carter himself conveys. The waxed laces are an added touch of character, as is the Achilles’ heel patch that uses multicolored embroidery to highlight Mr. Z’s rap name. Of course, adding to the celebration of many a New Yorker is the new Nets logo.

There’s not a lot to the shoe, but what’s there is good. Sounds familiar.