Summer League Starts Today For The Nets

Lost in all of the free agency craziness is the fact that the Orlando Summer League starts today, and the Nets are one of the eight teams participating.  The Nets are ready, as they made final cuts yesterday to get the roster down to 11 players.  The Nets have three guys who are guaranteed to be on their opening day roster (barring any trades).  Derrick Favors, Damion James, and Terrence Williams all will be starting, with Williams playing shooting guard (my guess is that the Nets want to start him at SG, while bringing Courtney Lee off the bench).  Rounding out the starting lineup are the two players with make-good contracts (guaranteeing that they will be in camp, with a chance to make the final roster), Ben Uzoh and Brian Zoubek.  Ben Couch has the rest of the roster on the Nets summer league homepage.

I am really exciting about watching summer league, especially after last year’s fiasco.  Unfortunately, they won’t be streaming the games free this year, but you can watch them online (if you don’t have NBATV) by ordering the Summer League Broadband package from

The Nets game vs. Evan Turner and the Sixers starts today at 7, and their schedule the rest of the way looks like this:

  • 7/6 – 7:00 vs. Indiana
  • 7/7 – 5:00 vs. Orlando
  • 7/8 – 5:00 vs. Utah
  • 7/9 – 12:00 vs. Boston