Daily Link: Could Turner Drop

We’ve already heard whispers about the Sixers bypassing Evan Turner at the #2 pick, but NBA.com’s David Aldridge is starting to see some clues materialize that could lend credence to that rumor:

First, a source says that less than a week before the June 24 Draft, the Sixers have tentatively scheduled a workout in Philly that will feature Kentucky center DeMarcus Cousins and Georgia Tech forward Derrick Favors, the top two big man prospects in the Draft. There would be no reason to schedule such a workout — and certainly no reason for either Cousins or Favors to attend — if there wasn’t some kind of indication sent by the Sixers that they’re seriously considering one or the other with the second pick.

If Turner drops to the Nets at #3, they have to take him. No questions asked. And stranger things have happened on draft day, so this Cousins/Favors debate could all prove to be moot.