Summer League Game 1 Open Thread

Avery Johnson and Sam Mitchell seem ready to watch some Nets’ Summer League Basketball.  NBATV has been hyping up this game all day, and if you have NBATV or Summer League Broadband, you are going to be able to see Derrick Favors matched up against Evan Turner.  Honestly though, I am excited to see Terrence Williams play.  Most guys who have NBA experience tend to do much better in Summer League games because they are used to NBA-speed. If Williams has a good game, we don’t want to make too much of it, but if he struggles, it might be a little bit worrying.

The third quarter of game 3 is finishing up as I type this.  So we are probably about 20-30 minutes away from tipoff.  Use this as your open thread, but I am going to have to ask that you guys don’t post links to illegal streams.  It just makes more work for me because I have to delete them.