Jerry Stackhouse likely to retire at season’s end

As Fox Sports Florida’s Chris Thomasson reports, Brooklyn Nets veteran forward Jerry Stackhouse says it is “highly unlikely” he will play next season. Instead, the newly elected first vice president of the NBA players union says that he will focus on his role with the union and making sure that the right union executive director is chosen.

“It’s not completely sold that I don’t get the bug (to play) again,” Stackhouse told FOX Sports Florida before Friday’s game at Denver. “But, really, I think this is an opportune time to kind of step to the forefront to do something with the union and try to make sure we select the right executive director.”

Fox Sports Florida notes that all elected officials are to serve four-year terms and even though Stackhouse will likely be retired when he enters the second year of his first term, the 18-year veteran says that they are “thinking of adopting” the rule that even though a player may be retired, they are still able to serve their entire term.

Stackhouse notes that he wants to be able to communicate with the players on the doings of a union that is in somewhat disarray after seeing former executive director Billy Hunter be let go for allowing family members to take certain jobs within the union:

“I want to be a guy that will be able to deliver the information that we deal with on a day-to-day basis with our union and get the message back out to the players and get their feedback,” said Stackhouse, the highest ranking member of the union executive committee behind only president Derek Fisher, an Oklahoma City guard. “I’ve played in all these eras, been through all these lockouts (1998-99 and last season). I’ve seen them all.

“The search is on (for an executive director). We’re going to find that right person to help build a union that our body can really be proud of.”

FOX Sports Florida mentions as well that last year, Stackhouse had told the news source about his intentions to follow a similar path to that of Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson; become involved with television and broadcasting and later become a head coach without having to be an assistant.

The 38-year old told of his desire to be involved with the game of basketball for the rest of his life:

“I’m always going to be part of the game in some capacity,’’ he said. “I’m a basketball lifer. I got a Ph.D in it.’’