Daily Link: What About Brandan Wright?

When the Nets obtained Brandan Wright from the Golden State Warriors for Troy Murphy, there were some who saw him as a young player with potential, and others as an expiring contract. Since coming over, he’s looked more the latter, but Alex Raskin at HoopsWorld talks to Avery Johnson who says the Nets are undoubtedly trying to figure out what they have in the former UNC standout:

“The main thing is, we’re just trying to figure out, how does he fit,” Johnson said. “Is he a small 4? Is he a big 3? Is he more of a hybrid kind of a guy like a Thaddeus Young is from Philly—a guy that doesn’t necessarily have to shoot threes when he’s playing the 4, but he can put defenses in a bind. Because right now, you see a lot of hybrid 4s right now in the NBA. So, if he’s going to be that kind of an NBA player, we have to see that we develop him.  That’s what the remainder of this year is about—evaluating him at practices and getting him on video and coaching him and working with him, and the times that he gets minutes, see how he does, figure out matchups for him when he’s out on the floor.”

According to the article, Wright likes the Nets organization and wants to be be back and the success of Kris Humphries this year gives him hope that he could be reborn in NJ/Brooklyn. However, with the team clearly valuing getting as many big names around Deron Williams as possible, I can’t see how Wright is going to fit into this roster beyond the last 17 games of this season.