Spurs 104, Nets 73: Advanced Box Score Reaction

Check out the box score from last night’s debacle here.

Some quick reactions:

  • The advanced box doesn’t come with quarter-by-quarter analysis, so let’s just remind everyone: the Nets scored five points in the third quarter. 5. Cinco. Fünf. 五. They scored as many points as I could probably score in an NBA quarter if an NBA team ever decided that they needed someone cool that wasn’t a great basketball player as their 12th man to keep the chemistry together and then said “aw, screw it, let him get his” and let me do nothing but shoot threes for a quarter and then surprise everyone with my dead-mark accuracy and where was I? Oh, right. The Nets shot 2-20 in the third quarter (both field goals from Deron Williams) and earned a new franchise record low for points in a quarter. Hell of a way to ring in the New Year.

  • Brook Lopez scored 35 points against Cleveland. The Nets starters scored 35 points combined against San Antonio.
  • The Spurs assisted on 25 of their 43 field goals and it felt like way more. San Antonio’s ball movement was something to marvel at: hitting the right man at the right time, more often at the rim than not. They created space with on- and off-ball screens, Tim Duncan picked up three assists almost immediately, and everyone but Danny Green & DeJuan Blair notched an assist. Want to talk about a successful system? Look no further than last night’s opponent.

  • MarShon Brooks led the Nets in scoring, mostly because of his isolations in garbage time. I got nothin’.