Daily Link: Does Derrick Favors Need to Get Mean?

The Daily News’ Stefan Bondy wants to know if Derrick Favors has a mean streak to him, because nobody here has seen it yet if he does:

Whether he’s jamming an alley-oop or getting whistled for a bogus foul, Favors maintains the same even-keeled expression.

“That’s just how he is,” said teammate Anthony Morrow. “I’ve known him for a while. He’s just a laid-back kid.”

Come on Bonday … you know who else doesn’t show a lot of emotion on the court? Tim Duncan? If Favors was some demonstrative kid, say, like a DeMarcus Cousins, we’d then have people criticizing how his personality type was bad for the NBA. Of all the beat writers, I get the sense that Bondy is the one most fixated on Favors and his “potential” and while I get that his numbers currently don’t leap off the page, anyone who’s been following his career should realize they weren’t going to at this stage of his career. I think the fact that he was chosen to play in the Rookie Game (and Evan Turner wasn’t), is an acknowledgement from the league that people realize there’s something there – he just hasn’t accumulated enough experience yet to put it all together. Patience people.