Some Nets Lottery Stuff


The draft lottery is this Sunday Tuesday night, and my last post until Monday will be just some bulleted stuff about the draft lottery.

  • Still no word on who we are sending to the draft, I think it will be Jay-Z again, but there are no sure things. According to NetsDaily, we will be sending Rod Thorn.
  • I wouldn’t put it past Thorn to send Brook or VC.  Some teams have sent players in the past, (I believe Kevin Durant went last year for the Thunder) and I would be interesting to see a guy like Brook there.
  • The people over at go into great depth about the history of the draft lottery. It is a real interesting read, and it should give us Nets’ fans some hope!
  • Ben Couch ( writer, but you should already know that) will be reporting live from the Draft Lottery Tuesday night on twitter.  You can find it right over here.

I am still undecided with what I am going to do for the Draft Lottery, I am thinking about having either a live-blog, or a live chat.  Either way, when I know I will let you guys know.  If you think I should do one or the other, leave some opinions in the comments.