So, that’s not good: Knicks 110, Nets 81 (GAME GRADES)

So, that’s not good: Knicks 110, Nets 81 (GAME GRADES)

The Brooklyn Nets CENTER

Deron Williams POINT GUARD

Give him credit for hitting shots, but the Nets didn’t run any semblance of their usual offense with him at the helm in the first half. Williams looked all sorts of tentative, frittering into the lane before backing right out, dribbling around and looking for plays that led nowhere on too many occasions.

Williams finished without an assist for the second time this season and the second time EVER since he became a full-time point guard after his rookie season.

Shaun Livingston POINT GUARD

Hit a couple of short jumpers but not nearly as disruptive as usual and got caught behind a few too many screens against a team that can beat you with three-pointers.


Had another stretch of scoring in many different ways that bridged the second and third quarter, but his most memorable play might be telegraphing a pass from out-f-bounds to Paul Pierce so badly that J.R. Smith stole it with ease.


For a guy who loves Madison Square Garden so much he sure let it shine.

Andray Blatche POWER FORWARD

Blatche gets an A+ for his performance of the first two acts of his final project for interpretive dance class “Blatchepedaling,” a tragic tale of a man meant to initiate contact and defend against opponent attacks, but instead stuck in a world with invisible barriers between himself and humanity’s touch.

Marcus Thornton SHOOTING GUARD

Shoots a lot, which is cool when you a) make shots, b) can do other things, or c) have other guys on your team doing other things. None of these things were true.

Mason Plumlee CENTER

To be fair, I think that alley-oop he put down in the third was the highest I’ve ever seen him jump. That was an incredible flush. So that was nice. It was also his only shot attempt.