The Glue Guys Podcast, Episode 2: Mount .500, New Faces, Playoff Positioning



On the latest episode of The Glue Guys (recorded late Tuesday night), noted Glue Guys Elliot, Mike, and Brian talk the past week of Nets basketball and news around the league. Listen here on The Brooklyn Game, but don’t be afraid to subscribe to The Glue Guys on iTunes, either.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll hear.

  • Start-9:00 — Down & Up: The end of the road trip, specifically the weird swing between a 44-point blowout loss to the Blazers and the 23-point blowout win over the Nuggets.
  • 9:00-14:10 — Monday Night: The Bulls, “Mount .500,” and is Jason Kidd the Coach of the Year?? (Hint: no.)
  • 14:10-21:20 — Potential playoff matchups: Atlanta? Chicago? Washington? Toronto? Who are you confident against? Plus: a tangent about the Washington Wizards name.
  • 21:20-30:00 — New Nets: Marcus Thornton the mixed bag, Jason Collins the mundane: looking at the first week for the two newest Nets.

  • 30:00-41:30 — The Age Limit: Adam Silver’s “magic wand” wish for the league is to raise the age limit to 20 years old. Why? And is the D-League better set up to develop prospects than college?
  • 41:30-44:20 — Tortankto Raptanks: Former Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo admitted this week that he was “tanking.” What does that mean? And is that a bad thing?
  • 44:20-End — Rivalry Watch: The Knicks are a mess and the Bulls are okay. But mostly, the Knicks are a mess.