So Far, So Good: Barclays Center Crime Minimal

via DNAInfo:

“Crime is very minimal,” (Deputy Inspector Michael) Ameri said at a 78th Precinct Community Council meeting Tuesday night. “Overall we’ve had about five crimes and most of them were just property crimes…I’m very, very happy and I think the community’s happy, because I’m not hearing many complaints.”

The few crimes at the Barclays Center have been limited to property thefts, such as cell phones stolen from the employee locker room, Ameri said. Cops have also seen minor issues like disorderly conduct and ticket scalping, he said, and police responded to a crowd of rowdy Justin Bieber fans in November.

But more serious crimes have been largely absent at the 18,000-seat arena, which has big-name acts like The Rolling Stones and Jay-Z. “There’s really no robberies…no one getting assaulted,” Ameri said. “Even the patrons, they’re not assaulting each other.”

The “biggest issue” police have encountered so far has been double parked and idling limos and chauffeured black cars outside the arena, Ameri said, a problem that he said “maybe wasn’t anticipated” by the city and the arena. Police and arena officials are working on a solution, he said.

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