Smooth(er) sailing ahead for Nets?

Brook Lopez, Miles Plumlee

Brook Lopez, Miles Plumlee
The Nets have gotten through the first leg of the season. Okay, maybe “gotten through” is the wrong term. The Nets have clawed through weeds and self-inflicted wounds in a barren wasteland filled with nuclear waste and radioactive bears. They’re 5-12 in the first 17 games, which is a bad shooting percentage for a team that was supposed to compete for a championship.

But even in the darkest timeline, there’s a little light at the end of the tunnel. It’s no excuse, but the Nets have played arguably the toughest travel schedule in the league.

Through 17 games they’ve played just six at home, and have yet to play a single back-to-back home game set yet. They’re the last team in the league to play two straight at home.

That’ll finally change this week, as the Nets host the Denver Nuggets Tuesday and the New York Knicks Thursday, before hitting the road again. But it’ll be brief: 9 of the team’s next 12 games and 21 of the next 33 games are at home at Barclays Center. At 7 games under .500, this next 12-game stretch could be crucial.

The Nets have their fair share of problems, both on the court with defensive philosophies and off the court with injuries. But perhaps a little continuity and a little less travel, they can continue the climb back to respectability that began Saturday night against the Grizzlies.