Nets and Nuggets Working on New Melo Deal

According to Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the New Jersey Nets and Denver Nuggets are working on a new, even bigger, deal to have Carmelo Anthony in a Nets uniform. It’s a bigger deal in that Melo wouldn’t be the only new Net on the team with current teammates Al Harrington and Chauncey Billups as possibilities to join the team as well.

The deal is also more complex as there are, reportedly, other teams involved. So, who gets shipped off? The ubiquitous Melo trade chip known as Derrick Favors, the underperforming Troy Murphy, multiple draft picks, and unfortunately for me on a personal note, Devin Harris.

However, one good thing about all of this speculation is the words of one executive involved with the talks:

“The way this is structured now, the Nets will significantly upgrade their team.”

Interesting. However, who knows what goes down? Let the comments begin…