Sixers 107, Nets 88: Postgame quotes

I’m not gonna tell yoooouuu.

Deron Williams, on his conversation with Prokhorov

I thought it was really effective. We were 5-5 with the zone in the first half, we got one or two stops with it in the third, but then they got an offensive rebound. I think it was a really effective two tonight. We wanted to try to get the ball out of Lou Williams’ hands, so it was something with a team that was struggling to score that we thought we could utilize. Our zone was actually better than our man-to-man tonight.

Avery Johnson, on his intentions of the zone and its effectiveness

We miss him in a lot of ways. We miss him in helping us guard Thaddeus Young. The bench scored 62 points tonight, and they made a change in their lineup. They brought Hawes and Turner off the bench. There were three guys off the bench that basically scored 20 points, so that’s a lot of points coming off the bench.

Avery Johnson, on missing Gerald Wallace and the bench production

Our shots weren’t falling, shots that we usually hit. Ammo and G-Green were missing shots that they normally make. They’re a really good team, especially with Thaddeus Young at the 4, they run a lot, so if you miss shots they get out in transition. I can’t even take a guess to how many transition points they had, but I know it was a lot. That was our main focus, to just get back in transition and we did a poor job at that.

MarShon Brooks (note: the Sixers had 25 transition points)

If it was single-coverage, it’d be okay. Then I think I’d have an advantage. But it was just double-teams all night, and they did a good job of taking us out of our offense. If they play like this defensively, they’ll definitely make the playoffs. They came out ready to play. They had an agenda and gameplan. They executed, and we didn’t. We weren’t ready for the double teams, and we couldn’t get anything going. Our defense wasn’t there, we allowed too many transition points and offensive rebounds, and that just cost us the game. … We just didn’t make the right plays. It should be easy to score. When someone double-teams you, someone should be open, and we just didn’t make the right pass.

Deron Williams, on the matchup with Iguodala and the 76ers

We want to win as many games as possible. We want to play spoiler. Didn’t happen today.

Deron Williams, on what’s next for the now-eliminated Nets