Sebastian Pruiti on Brook Lopez

Nets are Scorching’s editor emeritus/video wizard/playbook master Sebastian Pruiti is still doing some work on the Nets around the internet. Today on Basketball Prospectus, Sebastian takes a look at Brook Lopez, and whether or not he’ll return to form next year.

Here’s a snippet:

If Avery Johnson can get Lopez to change his mentality and attack the rim more, especially when in the pick-and-roll, I can see his productivity picking up. We already mentioned that Lopez is very good when attacking the rim, scoring 125 points on 112 possessions where he rolled to the rim, but that will also draw more fouls and put himself in position to grab more offensive rebounds.

One thing Sebastian doesn’t mention in the article is that mononucleosis slowed down Brook immensely in the beginning of the year, and it’s arguably all season. With a full summer to recover his body, I’d hope that he can come in to training camp (whenever that is) stronger than ever.