Scouting Reports: Quinton Ross

Name: Quinton Ross
Position: SF
Height: 6’6”
Weight: 195 lbs
Birth Date: April 30, 1981 (age 29)
Birth Place: Dallas, TX
Number: 13
Drafted:  Undrafted out of SMU
Experience: 6 years
Contract: $1.1 million

On Offense:

I could leave this section blank and that might best describe Ross’ value on the offensive end.  He brings nothing to the table on this side of the basketball, but the good thing is (if there is a good thing about being bad offensively) is that he knows it and doesn’t force anything on this side of the basketball (unlike someone we talked about earlier).  Last year playing for both the Mavericks and the Wizards, Ross only attempted 2.1 shots per game while playing right around 11 minutes per game.

On Defense:

Ross’ play on this side of the court may be the only reason he still has a job in the NBA (and probably why Avery Johnson is going to play him).  Ross has been mentioned as a SF/SG, and it seems that his best position to defend is at SG.  While playing for the Wizards, he held opposing SGs to 40% shooting, for a PER of 7.2 (remember the average PER in the NBA is 15.0).

Ross may not figure for a lot of playing time with all of the SGs and SFs on the Nets’ roster, but he will get minutes because of his defense, because he plays that very well.


Quinton Ross made his way to New Jersey when he was traded for Yi and $3 million in cash as the Nets were making a last ditch effort to clear cap space for two of the big three.  This trade eventually cleared the way for Troy Murphy to come to New Jersey.  I have to ask though, was there ever a one-sided trade like this where fans from the team that loses (in terms of talent, the Nets are losing here) are ecstatic about it, like this one?


As I mentioned before, we don’t know how much Ross will play (heck, he may even be the team’s final cut if the Nets like the two undrafted guys – Zoubek and Uzoh – more), but one this is for sure, when he plays he will play very good defense.  It also doesn’t hurt to have a guy who is a 6 year vet and by all accounts is a good guy around all of the youngsters.  He could be the Joe Smith of the guards.

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