Scouting Reports: Jordan Farmar

Name: Jordan Farmar
Position: PG
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 180 lbs
Birth Date: November 30, 1986 (age 23)
Birth Place: Los Angeles, CA
Number: 2
Drafted:  26th pick of the First Round in 2006 by the Los Angeles Lakers
Experience: 4 years
Contract: $4 million

On Offense: Essentially, this part of Farmar’s game is going to be intriguing to watch.  In his four years in the NBA, he’s been running the triangle offense, which limits the importance of a point guard.  Sure, it’s a successful formula, so who cares as long as you’re winning.  However, the Nets don’t run the triangle offense and this could open things up for Farmar.  He’s not a particularly explosive point guard in the vein of Allen Iverson in his prime, but Farmar seems to be a solid shooter when a basket is needed and provides some much-needed three-point shooting to create space.   In regards to being that second coach on the floor, Farmar never really had the opportunity to shine as he did in UCLA.  He’s capable of leading a fast break, as well as slowing the tempo and getting the job done in a half-court offense.  Again, it’s going to be intriguing to watch Farmar.

On Defense: Farmar doesn’t possess the speed, long arms, lateral quickness, or keen defensive intuition to jump passing lanes to be an outstanding defender, but he at least has the will to play defense, stay in front of his man, and give up his body.  He may not always stop his man, but the latter set of characteristics will endear Farmar to head coach Avery Johnson, as well as Nets fans.

Miscellaneous: Farmar has two NBA championship rings and in 75% of his NBA career, he’s been to the NBA Finals.  That pedigree gives him credibility to his teammates and while he won’t be looked at for sage advice as someone like Derek Fisher would, Farmar’s presence will still be an important one and should help change the attitude and environment of the Nets.

Comment: Should Devin Harris be traded for that Carmelo Anthony guy, Farmar will obviously be a downgrade as he isn’t starter material.  And if he is, he’s a low-grade starter.  He’s definitely a good fill-in type of player when Harris makes his annual visit to injury-land, but a full-time starter?  Nets fans would need to hope that the Lakers’ triangle offense was holding back the next Isiah Thomas.

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