Rumor: Dwight Howard rumored to get rumored to speculation, sources source

The Dwight Howard trade drama may be heating up once again. ESPN 710 host John Ireland is saying that a reliable source has told him that D12 will be going to the New Jersey Nets by Tuesday. Reports originally had Dwight pegged for LA, but that was a mixup.

Ireland’s source was also correct on LeBron James and Chris Bosh going to the Miami Heat, so this source does have a reputation.

via Riley Schmitt, RantSports — RUMOR: New Jersey Nets to Trade for Dwight Howard on Tuesday

Rumor has it Dwight Howard also took a bathroom break sometime in the past 24 hours, and potentially will do so again in the next week. Also, he’s rumored to like sandwiches, though some rumors indicate he prefers char-broiled steak.

Dwight also hopes his next team’s starting five includes Jrumor Holiday, RuMar RuRozan, Rumor Fernandez, and Rumor Boumtje-Boumtje, and that he can coax former coach Rumor Tomjanonymoussourcesvich out of retirement.

Just kidding, of course. Relax! Take a listen to Dwight’s favorite song.

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