The Top 10 Nets Game-Winners In Franchise History

Vince Carter
New Jersey Nets guard Vince Carter confers with teammates while facing the Denver Nuggets in the third quarter of the Nuggets’ 121-96 victory in an NBA basketball game in Denver on Monday, March 16, 2009. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)
New Jersey Nets guard Vince Carter confers with teammates while facing the Denver Nuggets in the third quarter of the Nuggets' 121-96 victory in an NBA basketball game in Denver on Monday, March 16, 2009. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)
(AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

There are few moments in sports as exhilarating as a game-winner. If your team wins, you feel nothing but pure, unadulterated happiness. If your team loses, well the less said about that the better — I still haven’t forgiven Jimmy Butler. The great thing about every single one of these shots is that it didn’t matter if it happened in a meaningless regular season game or in Game 7 of a playoff series, it was the best feeling on earth. At that moment in time, nothing else in the world mattered. It didn’t matter if your team blew a fourth-quarter lead, your star player had four turnovers all that mattered was that the shot went in, and your team came out on top!

So here is our list of the Nets’ best game-winning shots to distract us from this never-ending season.

Honorable Mentions:

Richard Jefferson vs. Utah Jazz

Jordan Farmar vs. Clippers

Joe Johnson vs. Thunder

Jarrett Jack vs. Clippers

Brook Lopez vs. Knicks

Brook Lopez vs. Detroit Pistons (!!)

Now, onto the real list! 

 10. Randy Foye vs. Charlotte Hornets

I had to find a way to squeeze this one on the list. This shot has been one of the few bright spots in this rough season, so it’s gonna be pretty hard to leave this one off. Randy Foye was playing well down the stretch in this game, he was orchestrating the offense and played some pesky defense, but he hadn’t scored the whole game.  The play was originally drawn up for either Sean Kilpatrick or Brook Lopez and Randy Foye’s job was to set a screen on the baseline to free Sean Kilpatrick. As the play developed you can see Kemba Walker wasn’t too worried about the guy who hadn’t made a shot in 21 minutes of play. Foye noticed the Hornets were anticipating the ball to go to Brook or Sean and takes it upon himself to be the hero the Nets needed.

9. Jarrett Jack vs. Warriors

Man, I hope Jarett Jack gets another shot in the NBA. I know he tore his meniscus but, he can really be exciting at times. In this instance, it was against his former team who had gone on and won the championship that year. The Nets were playing really well going into that fourth quarter. Actually, they were leading by double digits with four minutes left in this game but, when Steph Curry gets hot, it’s hard to stop him. He willed his team back into the game and it looked like the Nets might lose a heartbreaker. After an Andrew Bogut turnover, the Nets had a chance to right their wrongs in the dying moments of this game. Jarrett took it upon himself to take the last shot and it paid off.

8. Joe Johnson vs. Phoenix Suns

When you think of Joe Johnson’s tenure with the Nets, all the buzzer beaters and clutch shots he’s made, this one slides under the radar. Joe Johnson’s amazing clock awareness is shown in full effect on this one. You usually don’t see fastbreak floaters with time winding down, people usually settle for the transition three-pointer. Joe Johnson knew there was enough time for at least 2 more dribbles and get a better look. Another reason this shot cracks the list, this turned the Nets season around. Jason Kidd got off to a shaky start in Brooklyn and these type of games build momentum. Looking back at that dominant second half stretch, this could have been the shot that sparked it all.

 7. Joe Johnson vs. Bucks

There’s a reason Joe Johnson is affectionately known as Joe Cool, Joe Jesus, & Iso Joe. He is the definition of clutch, and if this game doesn’t prove it to you, then I suggest you start evaluating your knowledge of the game. Joe Johnson shows off his clutch gene with not 1, but 2 big time buckets down the stretch. I actually feel really bad for Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, Cause both shots were made all up in his face. Mbah a Moute was released by the Bucks at the end of the season… I’ll leave you to connect those dots.

6. Vince Carter vs. Raptors

Much like Joe Johnson vs. the Bucks, the final shot of the game wasn’t his only clutch basket. It’s not the first time the Air Canada Center saw Vinsanity close out a game, but I don’t think they were too thrilled about it this time around. Vince had 42 points in this game against his former team and he clearly had a message to send. He delivered a devastating blow to the Raptors with a long 3 pointer with no space around him to force overtime. He showed off some real emotion after the bucket that made it clear, this wasn’t just any ordinary game. In the extra period, he was thrown a lob from the inbound and finished it with a trademark reverse slam.

5. Vince Carter vs. Hawks

I can honestly make this whole list just Vince Carter shots. He has an uncanny ability to score in the dying moments of games. In this one, he took down the hawks in the most disrespectful way possible. The ball was thrown behind the backcourt and although they were down one, Vince rose up from about 35 feet and buried it from deep. He held the pose and gave the Nets the W.

4. Vince Carter vs. Jazz

Yup, it’s Vince again. Like I said before there is a large sample size to choose from with Vinsanity. I’m surprised I only used three, frankly. Once again this one comes on the road, the Jazz are the ones who get it this time. Yet another 35-foot jumper off a screen, this time with a defender closing out. This shot is so high on the list for the celebration alone. The petty wave goodbye on the road reached new levels of disrespectful.

3. Richard Jefferson vs. Raptors

The Raptors are at the tail end of yet another game-winner. This time around it comes in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals. Richard Jefferson showed some real confidence on the drive, spinning on Chris Bosh and taking it up with 2 defenders guarding the paint. Right after this play, Jose Calderon was giving an entry pass to Chris Bosh for the last play of the game and, of course, RJ came up with the game-sealing steal. Clutch plays from both sides of the court in a Game 6 will definitely get you high on the list.

2. Jason Kidd vs. Pistons

Jason Kidd completely turned this franchise around. As salty as some fans are for his shaky departure from the Brooklyn Nets, he’s still a legend. He showcased his greatness in Game 1 of the 2003 Eastern Conference Finals which helped pave the way to a second straight NBA Finals appearance. He drove down the baseline, pulled up over two defenders, and drained a big shot in a big series.

1.Devin Harris vs. 76ers

It’s hard to put any other shot over this one. This might be one of the best game-winners of all time. How Devin Harris dribbled twice, bobbled the ball, and drilled a halfcourt shot with Andre Iguodala draped all over him, all in 1.8 seconds, still boggles my mind. Forget the implications, the Nets were awful and this game didn’t mean anything. The shot itself is probably the most difficult game-winning shot we’ve ever seen, an unforgettable moment in a totally forgettable season.