Quick Recap: New Jersey Nets 90, Toronto Raptors 100

It was a tale of two halves once again (surpise, surprise) and the Nets went from having a three point lead in after 2 quarters to trailing by ten after three.  That ended up being the difference in the game as they lost 100-90:

  • So this Chris Bosh fellow is pretty good.  His mobility and outside shot making ability makes him a tough match-up for Brook Lopez, and he showed why as he finished with 36 points (on 27 shots) and 8 rebounds.
  • Brook Lopez himself had a pretty solid game, finishing with 18 points and 13 rebounds.
  • Yi struggled in his return, going 3-10 and only finishing with 9 points.
  • Courtney Lee was covering Hedo most of the game, and you could see that his focus was on the defensive end tonight.  Only three shots (hitting 1), but he held Turkoglu to 13 points on 13 shots and stopped a 3-1 fast break all by himself.
  • Jarvis Hayes put together a terrific effort today, and it seems that he is pretty comfortable coming off the bench.
  • The Nets went from attacking the basket in the first half to standing outside and shooting jumpers in the second half.  Story of the season.