PRESEASON Game 2: NETS VS. Sixers, 7 P.M.

The Nets get their first preseason game against NBA competition tonight against the Sixers.  This game is going to be played at a neutral court in Virginia.  This is the first of two games between the Nets and the Sixers, and it features a match-up of the #2 and #3 picks of the NBA draft…it isn’t going to be aired on TV.

A few things to pay attention for:

  • Evan Turner looked really sluggish in his summer league performances, but now since he has been working out with the Sixers consistently and will be playing with the Sixers’ best players, he should look better.
  • Derrick Favors had a big time game in his preseason debut.  I know it is just the preseason, but it would be nice to see him have back to back performances.  With a player this young, consistency is the key.  There is no-doubt the talent is there, but can he bring it every night (something guys like Sean Williams and Yi were unable to do).
  • I expect to see the Nets hold out Devin this game.  They don’t want to see him sitting out the first 10 or so games of the season, like last year.
  • Lets see if Terrence Williams can limit his turnovers tonight.
  • Maybe Brook Lopez will respond to playing against NBA competition and have a breakout game.

This is your open thread guys, discuss the game here!