Pregame Open Thread: Phoenix Suns @ New Jersey Nets

We’re three games into the Deron Williams era and the Nets are still looking for their first win. Fortunately, they’ll be at home for the first time tonight, but they’ll be facing off against a team that’s fresh off a Channing Frye buzzer-beater yesterday afternoon against Indiana. This is also the third straight game where the Nets will be seeing a former wing player on the opposing team – Richard Jefferson on Friday, Courtney Lee Saturday, and Vince Carter today. The Nets will also be without Jordan Farmar, but have signed Sundiata Gaines to shore up their depth at the point guard position.

Here are a few things to look out for in tonight’s game:

Brotherly Love, or, Hate. Twin brothers Brook and Robin Lopez will be going against one another tonight. This will be the fourth meeting between the two, and they’ve only gone against each other as starters twice. In those two games, Brook had a 26-13 game and a 16-8 game, while Robin has had a 20-7 game and an 11-2 game. I’d say Brook has the upper hand, and the Nets will need that history to repeat itself to get a victory.

Breakout for Deron? Now that Deron has two road games with the Nets under his belt, he’s finally taking the court in Newark. Not only that, he’s taking the court against Steve Nash – an offensive wizard but not a guy known for his defense. After a couple of rough shooting nights, I’m looking for Deron to get back on track.

Crowd uncontrolled. The only reason I’m not at this game is because I’m in Massachusetts. If you’re going to the game, get loud. Get rowdy. Cheer wildly for no reason. Deron Williams is a superstar, and he deserves our praise. Seriously, I hope Deron gets the reaction he deserves. Let’s give him another reason to stay with this franchise.

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