Brook Lopez, brother wrote a TV pilot, shopping to networks

Brook Lopez
Brook Lopez (tall) looks like he had a fun summer. (AP)

Even with his multivariant scoring ability and improved all-around game, there’s no mistaking that Brook Lopez’s biggest interests lie outside of basketball. Ask him a question about pick-and-rolls, or something about defensive coverage, and Lopez’s eyes gloss over. Talk to him about what his creative endeavors? His eyes and voice perk up.

Lopez’s latest foray into the creative world: a pilot for a television show, one he calls twin brother “Robin’s brainchild,” according to the New York Daily News.

The 7-footer told us a year ago that he’d co-written a comic book with Robin that he was working on getting published. It doesn’t seem that that’s worked out yet (unless the Lopez twins have a Robert Galbraith-style thing going on), but that hasn’t stopped Lopez from his desire to create — as if anything could.

Lopez also opened up about his childhood. He has few memories of his father, who split with his mother in 1994 and he hasn’t seen since. Lopez’s mother, Deborah Ledford, raised the twins (and two other boys, older brothers Alex and Chris) by herself as a schoolteacher. “It worked out so well. It was normal to me. I wasn’t really looking for a father figure,” Lopez told the Daily News.

Full interview below.

Stefan Bondy, New York Daily News — Nets big man Brook Lopez shopping TV script with brother