Paul George’s profane tirade leads to $35,000 fine

Paul George: “The (refs) were terrible… Hopefully the league does a better job looking at s— like this”

Rated R there, PG-13!

After helping beat the Nets 104-97, Pacers forward and MVP candidate Paul George used his postgame interview to gripe about the officiating, though it’s unclear what calls actually irked him. The most clear missed call actually went against the Nets: George tipped a pass as it flew out of bounds and the Pacers were awarded the ball.

George finished with eight free throw attempts to lead the Pacers, who took 26 attempts at the line. The Nets also finished with 21 fouls to the Pacers’ 15, without any intentional fouling.

Update: George was fined $35,000 by the league for his comments.