The BK Playoff Game: LeBronathon

Today’s three things to watch for The BK Playoff Game in tonight’s Game 2 Miami Heat-Indiana Pacers matchup:

1) Another close game. My official “prediction,” which is as official as a stick of gum, was that the Miami Heat would sweep the Indiana Pacers in four very close games. One down, three to go. After a back-and-forth regulation ended with a 30-foot bomb to tie the game at 92 from Pacers forward Paul George, a raucous overtime ended with LeBron James laying in an uncontested layup in 2.2 seconds as time expired to win at the buzzer, 103-102. I’d be surprised if this one didn’t come down to the final minute, either.

2) Another LeBronathon. Hard to be humble when you stuntin’ on the jumbotron. A calm, unsmiling James recorded his first triple-double of the playoffs in Game 1, with an oddly nonchalant 30 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists, adding three blocks to the party. James began the game hitting contested midrange fadeaways and ended it with the aforementioned game-winning layup. There’s no player that can bend the court with his combination of court vision, scoring, and passing ability like James, and his full-court impact both opened and closed the game for Miami. Will that reflect in the statistics again?

3) More chippy play. It’s amazing that only one technical foul was called in Game 1, frankly. With two shots to player *ahem* midsections, one of those players being offseason boxer David West, it’s a miracle that no one was tossed from the game. With even more on the line for a desperate Indiana team and possible retaliation on their mind, expect an even more physical game — until the officials step in.