Nets-Wizards: Previewing a game that doesn’t exist

In some alternate universe, today the point guard I prayed would end up in New Jersey faces off against the point guard no one saw coming. Brook Lopez begins his quest to prove that last year’s descent into rebounding mediocrity and defensive sievety (don’t care that that’s not a word) was just an aberration caused by mono, countering Javale McGee as he helicopters his way into another year playing above the rim and below his potential. Anthony Morrow’s finally going to get all those open looks promised by playing next to Deron Williams.

In that universe, MarShon Brooks and Jordan Williams begin their professional careers today. The Nets signed a starting power forward, and it’s possible his highly public divorce could affect his play. The Nets have amnesty’d Travis Outlaw and his remaining $28 million, and hopefully replaced him with someone from the free agent market. In that universe, the Nets might win 40 games this season. Maybe more.

Oh well. Play this game on 2K12 if you can. It’s the only way you’ll see it today.