Nets tickets get highest uptick on secondary market


Even as the Nets are slowly rolling out increased ticket prices, brokers have taken full advantage of the Brooklyn Nets rebranding, using it as an opportunity to cash in on the team’s cachet, according to research from the blog TickPick.

In 2012, the average Nets ticket sold on the secondary market for a full 105% higher price than the team’s last season in New Jersey in 2011, leading the NBA in uptick and making them the only team in the NBA that more than doubled their previous season’s ticket prices. The only team close was the New Orleans then-Hornets now-Pelicans, who had just added #1 overall pick Anthony Davis.

Even a 105% increase seems low. There were a lot of seats available on StubHub for literally one cent before the fees last year. People were basically begging you to watch the New Jersey Nets for them.

More research from TickPick indicated that the Nets had the ninth-highest average face value price for their tickets, at $55.89. The cross-town New York Knicks led the NBA with an average face value price of $132.22, though as you can see from the chart above, their prices on the secondary market actually went down last season from 2011.

TickPick — NBA Ticket Prices 2013