Chad Ford: Bradley Beal Now in Nets’ Top 3

Countering earlier reports that the Nets were set on a top three of Anthony Davis, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, and Thomas Robinson, Chad Ford reports (Insider) in his latest draft column that Bradley Beal is now the Nets’ choice should they win the 3rd overall pick.

When the Nets originally traded their top-3 protected pick for Gerald Wallace, the prevailing thought was that they only thought three prospects in the top of the lottery were worth acquiring, and if they fell below a top-three selection the pick wasn’t worth keeping. Now it seems that wisdom has shifted.

One bright spot: if the Nets don’t win the lottery, the highest Portland can pick is sixth, a historically poor spot to draft in. According to ESPN’s D.R.A.F.T. Initiative last year (again, Insider), there’s a staggering drop-off in value in the Draft after the first five picks. The sixth pick is especially curious: you’d expect teams to get the sixth-best value with that pick, but drafting sixth has actually produced the lowest value of any pick in the top 11 and third-lowest of the lottery.