The 15th Man: 6 Ideas For The Last Spot


Kenyon Martin

[Disclaimer: Kenyon Martin is my favorite Net of all time and it’s not even really close. So I’d be fine if they had to get rid of Joe Johnson or whoever if it meant K-Mart could end his career as a Net. Sorry I’m not sorry.]

C’mon Nets. Just bring him back. It’d mean a lot to all of us. And he could actually fit a need!

There’s a bit of a logjam at power forward right now, but Kenyon could bring some stability and insurance to the situation. He’s a tough, defensive-minded power forward with serviceable offensive traits.

He can’t rebound like Reggie or shoot like Mirza or defend like Crash (when the Nets decide to roll small), but he can certainly fill in for any of these guys for a few minutes here and there. And, he’d finally force Hump out of the rotation once and for all. Not to knock Humphries at all — the dude was a lonely bright spot on the Nets for the past few seasons — but it’s becoming readily apparent that he’s expendable in the PJ Era. His erratic minutes of late are partly due to injuries, but the team’s success in his absence (and Mirza’s emergence during that time in particular) only pushes him farther down the bench. Not sure how many teams would be itching to take on all that money left on his contract, but you’ve got to imagine Billy King is making those calls. Kenyon’s presence would afford King and PJ even more peace of mind moving forward. And Kenyon’s extended playoff experience and dual finals appearances — with this very team, remember! — could only help the squad.

Also: Don’t let the Knicks sign him, thus reuniting him and Jason Kidd. Please. That wouldn’t be right. That’d just be fugazy. Nets, you’ve done so, so much to court new fans recently, please just afford us Nets lifers this one favor. It’ll only cost you the veteran’s minimum.

-Andrew Gnerre


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