The 15th Man: 6 Ideas For The Last Spot


Arinze Onuaku

Not having sniffed the NBA by age 25 is usually a sign that you never will get the chance. Exceptions like the Hawks’ beast-mode Ivan Johnson do exist, but they are few and far between. One such anomaly should be Arinze Onuaku, a 25 year old 6’9’ 275 lb. power forward/center on the D-League’s Canton Charge. The bearded menace’s league leading ten double-doubles and Reggie Evans-like 22.7 rebounds per 48 have landed him at number one on the NBADL prospect list.

Despite Onuaku’s impressive numbers, the big man does have a history of injuries and a tendency to take plays off, which have limited him to only 24.3 MPG on the Charge.

The Nets already have a rebounding specialist in Reggie Evans and would be better off going for a more traditional center with their open roster spot, but anyone that broke a backboard in college during Midnight Madness is worth a second look.

-Will Rausch


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