The 15th Man: 6 Ideas For The Last Spot


Josh Harrellson

When you’ve been the property of four NBA teams — traded twice and cut twice — in 18 months, something’s up. Harrellson was effective in a limited role for the Knicks last year, rebounding 15.4% of all rebounds, hitting some big-man-threes, and earning the fifth best Simple Rating on the team, but couldn’t crack the Heat’s big man rotation this year.  After just 28 minutes in five games with Miami, Harrellson was again cut.

During the December swoon accompanying Brook’s absence, the need for a potential third big on the roster was obvious.  While Avery and P.J. have tried various rotations to fit the brand new roster the Nets brought into Brooklyn, it is hard to imagine the undersized 5 fitting well into any of the small or big ball configurations the Nets use.  Though on a bench with awesome nicknames (Bench Mob, #TokoLoco, etc..),  “Jorts” (short for the jean shorts the University of Kentucky alum is find of) would fit right in. 

UPDATE: Josh Harrellson signed a 10-day contract with the Miami Heat.

-Will Rausch


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