Nets on the Net: The King is Off His Throne

So, how about that one-hour television special last night? Gotta give props to Jim Gray who conducted a terrific interview …. ah who am I kidding. What an egomaniacal bunch of hooey that was. I’ll have more thoughts on LeBron and the state of the Nets in a bit, but let me fill your morning cup of coffee with some links:

For starters, Mr. Prokhorov has a message for you all: “We have a vision of a championship team and need to invest wisely and for the long term. Fortunately, we have more than one plan to reach success, and, as I have found in all areas of my business, that is key to achieving it. To Nets fans past, present and future, the goal of making the playoffs this season remains intact and we reiterate our commitment to winning a championship within five years.”

Record columnist Tara Sullivan is one of many to call LeBron James cold, selfish, stupid, a poopy-head, etc.

Al Iannazzone has measured, yet critical words for Prokhorov and the “Blueprint for Greatness”: There is nothing wrong with confidence, putting yourself out there because you believe this is the dawn of an era of exciting things. It seems times and philosophies are changing for the Nets, which is a good thing. To win, you have to have a good owner with deep pockets and willing to spend. The Nets have that now, but they jumped the gun a little bit or were a little overzealous in Prokhorov’s first go-around as an NBA owner.

Steve Politi, not so much: Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov issued a statement not five minutes after the decision to “reiterate our commitment to winning a championship within five years.” But that billboard outside Madison Square Garden, the one declaring that Prokhorov and Jay-Z had the “blueprint for success” is 30 stories worth of hubris today, and the new owner looks as feeble as the old one.

Speaking of bug-eyed crazy, anyone read Cavs owner Dan Gilbert’s letter to fans about LeFraud?

Dave D’Alessandro talks about tbe bidding war developing between the Nets and Bobcats over Tyrus Thomas of all people. With Derrick Favors being asked to spend the first half of the season on the bench, will PF be another major point of weakness for the Nets again?