Nets on the Net: Blueprint for Greatness

Well, now the Nets have gone and done it. Earlier this week, Al Iannazzone hinted that “big things” were afoot with this organization, and while the biggest dreamers in us might have thought it was going to be a major trade, I suspect it was in fact something a little more gleeful. Like, say, a 225-by-90-foot mural of Mikhail Prokhorov and Jay-Z on 34th Street and 8th, which is adjacent to some building the Knicks play in… can’t remember the name … it used to be an important part of New York sports culture but it’s hard for me to remember things that happened 20 years ago.

Still, despite the chatter focusing more on Miami and Chicago, and with the Nets firing a shot across the bow attracting attention of their own, the Knicks still believe they are major players for LeBron James.

Meanwhile, Dave D’Alessandro rolls out the team’s itinerary over the next few days. Interestingly enough, outside of Bosh, the team hasn’t scheduled anything (yet) with the other bigs out there, Carlos Boozer, Amare Stoudemire and David Lee. That’s not to say they won’t, but it seems pretty clear this team is aiming for the biggest fish first. Love the aggression.

Still, Steve Politi of the Star-Ledger has to throw cold water all over us mouth-foaming Nets fans and remind us that with Rod Thorn stepping down, but not “retiring,” it just doesn’t look terribly good for the organization right now.