Nets on the Net: 9/30/09

Training camp continues. Lawrence Frank is still preaching defense over offense which seems to be confounding the beat writers who want to know where the offense will come from without Vince Carter. Still some notable things:

  • Fred Kerber captures some praise about Yi Jianlian from Brook Lopez and Tony Battie.
  • Dave D. of Eduaro Najera, who is still nursing a sore back, warns readers: “Don’t sleep on this guy. or all the prattle about how the defensive intensity must go up, it was impossible not to notice how much more competitive practices were when Najera was in a practice jersey last year. They need him, more than ever, even if he’s not always in the rotation.
  • Al Iannazzone quotes Lawrence Frank joking about the offense: “We’re walking the ball up the court.”
  • has some post practice video with Brook Lopez.

In others news, an editorial about the Atlantic Yards Development in the Brooklyn Eagle paints a grim picture for opponents of the Nets move to Brooklyn: Daniel Goldstein and his Don’t Destroyers are now waging verbal warfare against the Prokhorov Oligarchs, but they are into a game where money talks louder than insults.”

The Nets have renewed deals with 20 corporate sponsors and signed agreements with 10 new partners to help generate more revenue.

Matt Anaya of Hoop Doctors is on the “Net’s aren’t that bad” bandwagon and picks them ahead of the Knicks in their season preview.

Rick Johannessen of Beyond Bowie believes Mikhail Prokhorov could give the Nets a distinct advantage in attracting Euroleague players.

Meanwhile, Vince Carter is already getting chewed out by Magic coach Stan Van Gundy on his *ahem* defense.