Around the Nets Wednesday: Morrison, Metaphors, Magic

  • Adam Morrison: “I’ve experienced a lot of highs in basketball so I guess you could call it a hardship, but it’s really not. I get to play basketball for money. That’s pretty good.”

  • Avery Johnson, proving he likes baseball: “We’ve been a team over the last two years, that’s been stuck in the dugout. I really feel now we actually, next year, hopefully free agency will go well, get fortunate in the draft, but going to Brooklyn now, I actually feel like we’re going to be up to home plate. Some teams like the Spurs, they started this year at second base. Miami started at third base. Indiana started at first or second base … I can go on and on, but for us, we feel like we’ve been kind of stuck in the dugout, but we feel like we’ll be able to get up to home plate this year and swing for the fences and you never know what may happen.”

  • Want to be a Brooklyn Nets dancer?
  • Mac Engel talks to a CPA in Texas to determine the true tax difference between New York and Texas: “It’s complicated and it all depends on where you live. Texas property taxes are very high. And Texas has a lot of little dinky (taxes). We also have a high sales tax. Now, if this player is in New York he’s going to have to pay a high sales tax, a city tax, a state tax and a lot of other ones, too. He’s just going to get taxed more there. … We should all be living in New Hampshire where there is no state or sales tax. My experience in dealing with higher end clients is you are right – they don’t think about it. They see the number and that’s it.”

  • The Springfield Armor keep working.
  • Ed Isaacson with a great recap of the weekend combine. Good read if you want to get a read on a potential second-round Brooklyn Nets pick.

  • The Orlando Magic recently fired head coach Stan Van Gundy and GM Otis Smith, which doesn’t change anything.