Nets on the Net: 4/7/10 Edition

Keyon Dooling is still lobbying the organization to be back next season.

In a report from Fred Kerber, Devin Harris is pushing strong for Avery Johnson as the next head coach: “He knows how to win, simple as that,” Harris said. “He’s a great coach, a great motivator. Now whether we had problems there or not, we won games.”

Kentucky coach John Calipari denies interest in returning to the NBA.

Nets players are giddy about the prospects of Mikhail Prokhorov and his billions: “It’s definitely a huge opportunity for us,” said Brook Lopez, a Nets’ cornerstone. “We’ve been trying to cut costs a bit these last few years to save money with all the stuff going on. First and foremost, it’ll help bring players in, bring in players who want to be part of a winning equation.”