Report: Mikhail Prokhorov to pay models $20,000 to attend his weekend-long birthday party in Turkey


No matter what happens with his Brooklyn Nets, Mikhail Prokhorov will have an unforgettable weekend.

Nets owner Prokhorov celebrates his 50th birthday Sunday, the same date as a potential Game 7 between the Nets & Hawks. But Prokhorov won’t be in Atlanta, or New York, or even in the hemisphere.

Instead, Prokhorov will celebrate his half-century with a weekend-long house party in Turkey with “an endless supply of models,” at a house he recently had built, according to the New York Post. Some models, a source told The Post, will be paid $20,000 for their presence during all three days.

Prokhorov’s lavish spending and partying is hardly a secret. But this one might be hard to top.

New York Post — Prokhorov throwing a wild 50th birthday bash