Nets on the Net: 4/14/10 Edition

The theme from the beat guys today is that this nightmare season is finally over. Here’s Devin Harris in Al Iannazzone’s write-up: “I think everybody sees it,” Devin Harris said. “We’ve underachieved. But everybody sees the potential we have, the room and the draft picks we have. We’re going to get better real fast.”

Dave D’Alessandro talks to Josh Boone: “People wonder how the season went this way, and I wish I can explain it,” said four-year veteran Josh Boone. “We have a lot of talent, to be honest with you — a lot of guys who can do a lot of things. It’s unfortunate the season went the way it did, but we’re obviously not a 12-win-talent team. There were other circumstances that led to this.

Fred Kerber, who’s had some of the best one-liners from the press box all season, gets one more shot in: “Imagine being hit in the head with a hammer. Over and over and over. Now imagine how good it would feel when it stops, and you have an idea how the Nets view the last game of the worst season in franchise history here tonight.”

Julian Garcia ponders Chris Douglas-Robert’s future: “Or they could let him go if they decide it’s not worth keeping a second-year swingman averaging 9.8 points and three rebounds while being outspoken and negative. Although Douglas-Roberts has been relatively quiet lately, he had a hard time hiding his disappointment – mostly in others and the team in general – for most of the season. It’s been difficult for him to find any positives about the Nets’ performance over the past few weeks, while others, such as second-year center Brook Lopez, have been optimistic.”

NJ Rep. Bill Pascrell, is still pushing for his investigation of Mikhail Prokhorov.

NetsDaily reports that Prokhorov will appoint a Russian woman from his Onexim group to direct the Nets’ business affairs once he takes over.