Nets on the Net: 3/1/10 Edition

Recapping last night’s loss, Al Iannazzone acknowledges the two sides to Yi’s game: It was a bittersweet night for Yi. He was aggressive and a force inside with 20 points and career-best 19 rebounds, but had his usual struggles defensively. He also missed two foul shots in the final 1:19. “I’ve got to hit them,” Yi said. “Could have been different, maybe.”

Newark native Randy Foye explains to Colin Stephenson and the Star-Ledger what most teams must think before they play the Nets: “That’s one thing that we were saying to ourselves before the game,’’ Foye said. “We said, ‘We cannot lose to this team. We know what they’re thinking; we know they think they can beat us, but we’re not going to lose to them.’’’

Julian Garcia has the understatement of the year as to how the Nets may finish out the season: Given their schizophrenic nature, the final six weeks of the season should be interesting.

In Fred Kerber’s recap, Devin Harris admits to a problem that’s been plaguing the Nets all season: “We need to work a little bit more on our zone offense,” Devin Harris said.

Over at the Daily Dime, Chris Sheridan talks with Tony Battie about his possibly buyout: “Honestly, I’m not sure,” Battie told “I’m going to be professional about it, and whatever happens happens. That’s kind of where I’m going to leave it because I honestly feel that way.

The Bleacher Report writes that Ohio State SF Evan Turner is a better fit for the Nets.

For those who care about that sort of thing, I answered some questions about the Nets over at Truthaboutit, the Wizards TrueHoop blog.